If you need help evolving your garden, in a way that prioritizes fine work and good thinking above all else, we would like to talk more with you.

Quality work & appreciation of our native climate is most important to us. It’s why we wake up in the morning, and how we eat. We just can’t resist finding a family of newts under a log -- or watching our native iris unfold into bloom in early Spring -- or laying on our backs in a meadow to cloud-watch under the dappled shade. Our goal is to create an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind garden that allows you to have your own treasured experiences with nature.

We do this by prioritizing three things: open communication, forward-thinking design concepts, and focus on the details. We hold high standards for ourselves, and as such, no detail or consideration is too small. In fact, it’s the small details, we believe, that make the big difference. The best gift for us is watching our clients feel pride and connection with their outdoor space on a sub-verbal level.

~ Heather and Marcie, company principals